Stanley Feldman
Professor of Political Science
Stony Brook University

Research Interests:

My research focuses on the origins of political preferences. I am particularly interested in the structure of political ideology and values, and the psychological bases of attitudes and opinions. I am currently working on projects to better understand the nature and complexity of ideology and the implications of this complexity for explanations of core political attitudes and beliefs. My work has examined the impact of personality characteristics on political attitudes, particularly authoritarianism. I am also interested in the role of emotions in politics and public responses to terrorism and threat.

Department of Political Science
Stony Brook University
715 Social and Behavioral Sciences Building
Stony Brook, NY 11794-4392

stanley.feldman at

Recent Publications and Papers

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  • POL561, Dyanmics of Public Opinion (MA), Fall 2016, syllabus (coming soon).
  • POL618, Psychological and Biological Bases of Political Ideology (PhD), Fall 2015, syllabus.
  • POL676, Measurement, Scaling, and Covariance Structure Models (PhD), Spring 2015, syllabus.

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